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Nordiska Group is a company in the gaming sector, we operate a number of websites online within Casino, Lottery & Betting.

About us

Nordiska Group was founded 2004 in the name of HD TREND NETWORK SRL. We are currently have more than 12 years’ experience in the gambling industry and we know what growth and success mean.We have the recipe of how gambling companies need to get growth and happy clients.

We market ourselves towards the Nordic countries and Germany and we are currently around fifty people working in the company. We are based on Malta, but owned by Swedish entrepreneurs. Our philosophy is that it should be fun to participate in our lottery! In order for our clients to enjoy the games, we are constantly updating our games, scratch tickets and lottery.

There are several different winnings in this lottery, from money to trips etc. Nordiska Groups subsidiaries offers through partnerships, partners and subsidiaries some of the most famous sites in the world. The sites offers poker, casino, betting, lotteries and games. The clients are mostly from the Nordic countries but also outside of the Nordic countries in Europe. Nordiska Spel SRL is based in Costa Rica and are in NG international LTD concern based on Malta. During 2017 the goal is to apply for a license there as well.

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Responsible gambling

Nordiska group is working constantly with the questions regarding gambling addiction and is having a dialog with other brands within the market, government and organizations in order to find the best solutions. We are as well contributing to research within gambling addiction to find a long-term solution. Since 2008 we have two full time consultants that further develop and quality assure efforts within responsible gaming. This service is working with questions that might occur with clients that have trouble with gambling. Internally, we have developed a program that can assess if a gambler is “red” if that happens we work with personal contact. To get more information regarding gambling addiction please contact our customer service department. Trough internal education within addiction, this has become a central part within this company. The reason for this is that our staff and resellers can handle the problems that might occur with gambling addiction.  We do also offer a new education within gambling addiction for all our employees; it is related to the effects of gambling. Another measure we have started is that we do a credit control of all of our new clients, this is to reassure us that the new clients can afford to actually participate in this lottery. Nordiska group has a great reputation internationally and therefore are often invited to speak about gambling addiction. Nordiska group welcomes suggestions regarding this topic to our Investor Relations

B2B / Resellers

Nordiska Group are currently in a extensive phase with high growth and are constantly looking for new resellers / collaborations that wants to sell our products towards the Swedish, German, Finnish and Norway markets. Due to the current regulations we demand that you are outside of Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland. Nordiska Spel SRL are in the Malta based concern NG international LTD. The company was founded 2004 and has been a respected actor since the beginning. We have currently several different brands and gambling products that we offer online. We are at the moment only working with telemarketing companies across the world. Instead of spending money on marketing within TV or Radio we have chosen telemarketing, due to the fact that we save a lot of money by doing so and we can offer that to our gamblers. Being a reseller for Nordic Group we demand certain requirements but we are always there to help with education, selling tools and fun competitions. We are ablte to tailor fit solutions that would suit your company. Please contact us today at for more information

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Offices:Malta Office: Windsor Avenue, Tas-Sliema SLM 1854Curaçao Office:E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curaçao
Phone numberCustomers relations: +46 8-425 544 70
Licence numberLicense number:8048/JAZ2016-049Legal name:NG MEDIA N.V.
Investor RelationsPatrik

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